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Below are files that showcase student work. Click to see the variety of approaches to communicating effectively in ELA.

ORQ student samples of the best of 2012


Before and after MCAS long comp lead paragraphs.
The first version is clear, uses effective vocabulary, and some figurative language. It is pretty good!


After Revison to add sensory description, this NEW lead pulls the reader in to a moment. It ZAPS! Zooms in on a moment, has strong ACTION VERBS; uses PERSONIFICATION; and appeals to the senses--especially SOUND. The reader connects with this and is hooked to read more. It gets the reader neatly from the moment to the main focus of the rest of the essay---which will be Mom. The writer can take her first lead and revise it for use as a second paragraph to introduce and transition to the body of the paper and the main points she will make to prove Mom is a hero.

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Slide show of Class Logo Designs

Wordle: dand test

Student visual of how conflict works