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How to Learn:
On-line Learning Styles Assessment Survey
Study Skills Strategies University website: advice to students

On Writing:
Website with tips about nearly EVERYTHING you need to know about writing from Purdue University--prepared for students grade 7-12.
OWL writing strategies website
MLA style guide: How to cite sources properly
MLA style guide link
Resources for writing:
A graphic orgaizer for prewriting an ORQ or essay

Explanation of the Rhetorical Triangle (how to argue effectively)

Click on this title for background information on why Dec. 7 is "infamous".

The day that lives in Infamy
Below is the text of a DRAFT of FDR's famous address to Congress. Notice that his draft, like ours, is dated, labeled as a draft, and contains MANY, MANY revisions to give his words more impact, clarity, and just the right tone. Notice that the word "infamy" was originally "world history". Without the revision, the line would not be as strong or memorable.
If the President of a nation that has 24 hours to decide to enter a world war has time to revise and edit--YOU DO TOO!!! Even the best ideas can use some polishing to become better--and in this case, part of our collective culture.

Writing prompts:
Character logo slideshow writing assignment
"Why I lived with Garbage..." writing prompt article
Poetry Out Loud site: Delight poem--What delights you?
Ahern 2010 Artshow slideshow writing prompt
Screen cast explaining how to add sensory language to writing

Out of the Dust related websites
American Experience: Surviving the Dustbowl
Text of "In Flanders Field" poem

Plato's Allegory of the Cave animation

Walk Two Moons related websites W2M_imge.jpg
Walk Two Moons Author Sharon Creech's web site
Vase or Face? optical illusion

The art of argument: How do these videos try to persuade?
Short video of plastic bottle "waterfall"

CNN on tap water vs. bottled water

Longer form video message with music

Veteran's Day background information for writing prompt Nov 10, 2011

How are the PC dominos like conflict in literature?