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quiz for FRI Mar 16

Topics on upcoming quizzes are added here as we discuss them. Click on files below the current deadline information for topics from past quizzes and tests. You may want to open those files to see what topics to review from past quizzes or tests using Class notes or homework files.

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Multiple choice comprehension and ORQ using notes but no text. Question will require you to provide evidence in form of QUOTATIONS that show how Scrooge changes from beginning to middle to end of play.


Study vocab for 8 "Build Vocabulary " words in ACT II of Scrooge and Marley.
Astonish, compulsion, severe, meager, threadbare, audible, gnarled, dispelled.

Also study meanings of roots/prefixes/suffixes AUD DIS COM or CON
For EACH of these, know at least 2 examples of words not on the list that use the root to mean the same thing it means in the vocabulary word on the list.

EXAMPLE: Aud means hear as in the word "audible" on the list (which means "able to be heard".)
Aud is ao used in the words "auditorium" ( a place to hear ) and "Audition" ( a chance for a someone to hear you).

Quiz/test Mar 1, (THURS)

Study vocabulary words from ACT I of "Scrooge and Marley" for a quiz on THURSDAY. You should not cram the night before and you may also have OTHER homework from me tomorrow, so use tonight for a 20 minute review. You did vocab cards on these words and I gave LOTS of notes on teacherweb and you took notes in vocab section of notebooks the weeks before vacation. Refer back to these and notes you CORRECTED when I passed back vocabulary cards. Quiz on Thursday. Words were all reviewed briefly today and students were to write down any def, POS, or other issue they did not know during our "lightining review."

Words are: destitute, ponderous, morose, misanthrope, implored, void, benevolence.

Roots/prefixes/suffixes you must know the meaning of include: mal, bene, volen, phil, anthrop, mis, trans.

You must also have examples of words that use these roots. Also know how to spell "business" and the spelling rule it follows.


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Jan 18 Mood and tone test: