My Classroom Philosophy:
Learning requires curiousity PLUS effort

Excelling in English requires practice in reading comprehension and analysis. The more you try to unravel meaning on your own, the better you get at it. If you read carefully and review, you learn for life. If you just cram for a test--or for achihuahua-philosopher.jpggrade--you spend time for no lasting result.
Interested in learning for life? Then please READ and USE the detailed information I have on this site to help yourself stay on track. Successful people take advantage of every resource and put in the time to achieve. There are no "As" for finishing first.
There is a lot of information on my site, but if you slow down and read, you will reap the benefits of deeper understanding. Once you learn to use all tools to excel, you can succeed in any class, not just English.
Read! Think hard! Reread! Think again! Write! Discuss! LEARN!
Year-long learning objectives:Learn how to learn Write like readers and read like writersRead ActivelyLearn to work harder, dig deeper, discover moreRespect and respond to peers for resultsTake responsibility for your own learning.