Below is a file with project decription, FCAs, and Worksheet to complete with each packet and rubric.

The file below gives different approaches to generating and revising ideas. Open if hit with writer's block.

File below is Blank Poetry analysis worksheet to paste Revision into before labeling for Figurative Language, Sound Devices, and Graphics.

It is what we used to analyze short poems for homework. You do not HAVE to use this worksheet, but it may help remind you of the TYPES of Figurative Language, Sound Devices, and graphics and HOW to correctly label.


Lemon picture if your final uses this as prompt.

artwork by Mara gr 7lemon.JPG

Art Show picture prompts:

Click on the address below to go to the web site. Then click on the Art Show tab view photos of 100 works that students photographed as possible "poem producing" inspirational prompts

You can download and save a picture to insert into a poem by clicking on the picture to highlight it and then
for MACs: click on download tab at far right and click copy to insert into a document--or press "Save As" to keep as file to insert later.
for PCs: At school we found that the Microsoft version we use is not as "Friendly" as the MAC for inserting picture from a web source. If your version is not allowing you to just download, copy, and insert --try the following.
1. Click on the art show picture you want to select it.
2. When screen shows YOUR selection, click on "download" option that should appear at far right above picture
3. Click on OPEN when screen prompts you to open file
4. Depending upon software on your computer, the file is likely to open in "Windows fax and picture viewer" program. At bottom of picture you should see a small blue square icon that looks like and old floppy disk. Click on this and you should be prompted to save.
5. Be SURE the "Save as type" box says JPEG in the space below the file name box. If it does not, see if you can select a JPEG option from the drop down menu near the "file type" box. If it saves as a GIF file, it will probably not be compatible with Microsoft Word files and you will not be able to insert into poem document.
6. Rename file and save to your "my Pictures" folder (box at top of page that says "Save in:" in your documents.
7. Open a blank a Microsoft Word file and use INSERT command and choose "PICTURE" find picture file to insert into text document.
If you are having trouble moving or resizing the picture once it is in the document, right click on the image until you get a menu that has "format picture" at the bottom. In the formatting menu, choose the "text wrapping " tab and select "Square" or "Tight" options--NOT "in line with text." If "text wrapping" option does not appear when you right click on image, scroll down to "format picture" and click and THEN you should see a "Layout" and "text Wrapping" tab--then select "square" or "tight" That should free the picture to be placed where you want it on the document.

Movie Stills option

Be an historical fiction writer....
Write one of your poems as though you are adding a page to Hesse's novel on a topic inspired by one of the photos below from the documentary "Surviving the Dust Bowl." Refer to any people in the photograph you choose as a character Hesse created in the novel. (You will write AS Billie Joe, as Hesse does. You can refer to major or minor characters that seem to fit the photo. Double click or right click on image and then select the "copy" option to paste a photo into a text file, or "save as" and keep as a picture file to insert into your final publishable poem document.
brbed wire nest.pngfarmer surveying dead crop.png

old man in rain.pngdust masks and kids.png

giant corn.png house landscape after storm.png

house under dune.png mother son fighting storm.png

rain approaching leaf.png

SAMPLES of finished final PUBLISHABLE poems from past years.
Included are some connected to art show prompts and some concrete poems NOT linked to Art Show prompts
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