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Most of the handouts I distribute in class are available as files below. The most recent files are at the top of the list. Click on a title to open it. Many of the homework page files are in Microsoft Word, so you can save the document as a file on your home computer and complete the work right on the document. If you prefer to email the work instead of printing it, that is acceptable.

No excuses for not having work! This page is a backup, and should not be depended on as your sole means of doing homework. If you do not bring home the hard copies I give you, not having a printer or losing internet access is NOT an acceptable excuse for not having work. Even if you do not have a printer, use these pages to view the work, and complete on a separate sheet of paper if necessary.printing4c.gif

Files below are Microsoft Word Documents

Study Guide for FINAL HOUSE B ELA test scheduled for June 8

Out of the Dust Literature Circle
worksheet copies: below are separate files to print out EACH page in the Homework page packets and the Wordfinder/Group Discussion Summary packet each student received in class.

Directions for circles

Check off page for assignments

Dicscussion Director page

Making Connections page

Character Squares page

Plot Summarizer Form A

Passage Picker page

Illustrator page

Rhetorical Triange page (extra credit)

Word Finder page

Group Discussion Summary page

Summarizer B for AFTER novel is finished

Feb 28: Common Transition words

Feb 13, 2012: Reprint of checklist on how to answer
"Check Your Comprehension" and "Critical Thinking" questions from textbook.

Feb 6 and 7, 2012

Handouts to help with self-grading and revising long compositions

Sample prompts and TNT instructions on how to mark up a prompt to be sure you are on topic in your response.

LINK to STATE website with sample responses to 2011 long comp prompt. To use this page, click on the blue number (1-6) in the scoring guide and that will bring up a student sample that received that score. Pay particuluar attention to the 2 that received a 6, and the one that received a 5 and note what these students include that makes the writing above average in the eyes of the state.

MCAS page with student writing samples

Jan 30, 2012
Scrooge character trait worksheets,
Act I scenes 1,2 and 3

Jan 9, 2012
"Black Cat" Vocabulary words list

Short version of HOW to Revise

Handout with details about How to Revise

Jan 6: Handout on Tone Words:

Dec 22: Chart to take notes on different versions of A Christmas Carol

Dec 20: Exploring Mood by Reading "The Elevator" packet

Dec 12: If Cornered Scream packet

Dec 6, 2011 "If Cornered Scream" text of story handout

Dec 5, 2011 handout on
"Literary Terms to Memorize Related to Plot and Conflict": click on file below.

Soto Poemsfrom Nov 9 class

Nov 7 hw sample paraphrase of Oranges
page 1 of Nov.7-9Hw
p.2 of nov. 7-9 HW

includes directions for story summary writing assignment

files below are samples of student work on vocab cards done on computer

ELMO by remote control:
Below are screen shots of class work to use as examples as you do homework, or to double check that you took board notes correctly and make changes as necessary. You will need to use the ZOOM on your computer to see the copies of items I save from the ELMO. I am working on how to get these to show up in larger format. I just went to view and enlarged to 200 or 400%.

Sample Test page for Unit I test on "Seventh Grade"