Blog log on issues repaired--I hope! 11pm Friday update

Students in BB class: I reentered all IDs and passwords. Your IDs will be full first name PLUS capitalized first initial of last name PLUS year of birth. Ex: CourtneyS1999. Christian, for some reason you have to log on as ChrisM1998, not Christian.

EMAIL if you are still having trouble. I will check in periodically Sat and Sunday.


Go to (just click on link).

Scroll to bottom of screen and use sign in space on right (grey box)

  1. Your User Name is your FIRST name only plus the year you were spaces. EX: Joseph1996The name is entered from powerschool so the program uses your full first name--not nicknames.IF YOU ARE SOMEONE IN HOUSE B WHO HAS THE SAME FIRST NAME AS SOMEONE ELSE, YOU May HAVE TO ADD the first initial of your last name as a CAPITAL letter before the date. EX: MarkS1999 vs. MarkR1999
  2. Password: Enter your birthday. Do not use any 0s before the number of a month that is only one digit. (March is 3 not 03. ) Do not use slashes or spaces and write the entire year of birth. EX: March 7 1998 would be 371998; December 24, 1999 would be 12241999
  3. This should take you directly to your class's page. (MrsReadys Orange class; Mrs. Readys Blue class etc. ) If it takes you to a page that has the tabs "new post" Review Post" and "Comment" the you need to click on the "Go to Class Blogs" button that is above those tabs.
  4. Once there click on the Blog Post #1 (or #2, #3 depending on how many we do) and read the DOs and Dont's before continuing. Anyone violating the rules losing blogging access and has to do handwritten homework instead. If you violate SCHOOL HANDBOOK rules for being civil to fellow students and appropriate, you will receive the punishments (suspension if necessary) that are outlined in the handbook. Let's make this work. I have had no issues in the past.
  5. Respond to the blog by typing into the Comment box and press Submit Comment. DO not create a POST--I have set this so you can only COMMENT.

IF you can not get on line to blog, check the blog prompt during school (homeroom, 20 minutes, after school, call a friend....) and handwrite a 2-3 sentence response and put in the LATE/MAKEUP work bin so I can find it and give you full credit if it is on time.

GRADING OF BLOGS: You can meet all of the criteria in ONE response, or respond a few times to different comments from classmates to meet all the criteria for 15 out of 15.
"Check Plus" (15 out of 15 points):
  • Comment relates to one of the options in the prompt. You have Turned the Question (prompt) around so it is clear to me WHICH item you are responding to.
  • Comment refers to something specific from the text from the ASSIGNED SECTION of the book you had to read.
  • Response uses character names and the title of the poem the event occurs in.
  • Comment builds on or reponds to something a classmate has posted (unless yours is the first post in the class.) Comment does NOT just REPEAT a thought or examples from another student's comment.
  • Comment is thought-provoking and helps peers think about book more deeply.
  • Comment is clearly stated (grammar and spelling need not be perfect, but do NOT use text abbreviations a 52 year old will not understand.) btw, U R not safer if you try to hide a mean comment in text speak. I have kids who can translate for me! LOL

"Check" (10 out of 15 points)
  • Comment meets at least 2 of the criteria listed for a check plus.
  • Comment is basically clear, but not detailed.

"Check minus" (5 out of 15 points)
  • Comment meets only one of the criteria for a check plus or merely restates what others have said.
0 points awarded if you NEVER blog. If you cannot get on-line, WRITE a response and put it in my Late/ Make-up work basket. Call a friend for the prompt if you did not check it out in school by logging on in homeroom, during 20 minutes, or by staying after. I will always post that a blog will be due in a day or two on the front board as well on my website so you know when to check. As of today, only 2 students have told me of lack of access to a computer.