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Let's just say you MISSED something in class for SOME reason.......
"Is she STILL talking?

Use This Website to:

1. CATCH UP on missed work due to absence or bathroom trip, nurse's office visit, zoning out....
  • Click on date for Class notes file for class you missed to check for:
    • Daily notes to copy; warnings about items that will be on upcoming quizzes, tests...
    • In depth explanation of concepts covered and examples given by your peers to help you understand
    • Did class get any hand-outs? Are they viewable/printable from Reprints icon? (Otherwise, get copies from plexiglass bin on my front table when you return to class.)
    • Journal prompts (Responses not finished in class become homework due the next day. If you are out your are STILL responsible for ALL Journal entries.)

2. CHUNK review for quizzes/ Ask questions
  • Use the "Curve of Remembering and Forgetting". Scanning Class notes a day or so after the class and AGAIN before a quiz or test chunks studying into smaller, but more effective sessions.
  • Get questions dmbtest.gif LONG before the quiz/test/project due date....Actively read printouts of Class notes and jot down questions to ask the next day. If you didn't get something, chances are your question will help others as well.

  • Read DETAILED directions I reviewed orally in class
  • Get tips to avoid common problems kids have with homework assignments

4. Find EXTRA CREDIT options
  • Limited time offers for a little extra work in exchange for points you can use to hedge against the occasional bombed quiz...These are hidden in class notes to get you to review!
  • Some extra credit options are attached to quiz preparation all standing offers all term.
5. Check out my general philosophy of teaching and expections
6. Learn about policies and procedures for vacations, absences....
7. Check Looming Deadlines for topics on upcoming tests and upcoming writing assignments and projects.
8. Connect to links that expand the classroom
9. Gallery to share student work